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ADOdb - Database Abstraction Layer for PHP

ADOdb Project on GitHub

ADOdb is a fast, easy to use, popular database abstraction layer for PHP. It allows the same code to be used when accessing a wide range of databases.

It has been actively maintained since 2000 by the project's founder, John Lim, who decided to retire in 2013. Damien Regad and Mark Newnham took over the project, with the help of numerous community contributors.

ADOdb contains components for querying and updating databases, as well as an Object Orientated Active Record library, schema management and performance monitoring. It also contains the following standalone extensions:

  • A (deprecated) Date/Time library to handle dates outside of the normal PHP limits.
  • A Session Management library that extends the normal PHP functionality to allow storing of session management data in a database, or in encrypted values

Note that ADOdb is not a replacement for the native PHP database extensions, but is built on top of them. This means that the corresponding driver(s) must be installed and correctly configured for ADOdb to work.

Download the latest stable release from SourceForge Stable Release
Download the previous Stable release from SourceForge Legacy Release
Download the documentation from SourceForge Documentation

Current Status
Description Version
Stable Release 5.22.7
Legacy Release1) 5.21.4
Older, unsupported Releases SourceForge
Production Track Version 5
Development Track Version 6

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System requirements

ADOdb is compatible with and supported on all active versions of PHP (>= 7.4 as of this writing), including PHP 8.2. See PHP Compatibility Status for further details.

It is expected to work as well on earlier, legacy PHP versions per table below, but this is not officially supported or tested.

ADOdb version Earliest PHP version
5.22 7.0
5.21 5.5.9
5.20 5.3.2

Manual Installation

Download the software using the links on the right, and unpack it into the directory of your choice.

Installation Via Composer

This is the recommended installation method. ADOdb is available on Packagist.

Current Production Release

composer require adodb/adodb-php ^5.22

Latest Development Branch

composer require adodb/adodb-php dev-master


Project Location

ADOdb Project on GitHub

ADOdb's source code and bug tracker are located at Github.

See also the legacy SourceForge project page, where you can download the official release zip / tarballs.

How To Ask For Help

You can post an issue in the Github issue tracker.

To help with quick resolution:

  • Try running the code with Debug Mode enabled
  • Give the version of ADOdb you are using. Please check the top of this page for the earliest release that is supported by the community.
  • Give the version of PHP you are using, the operating system, the driver and the database version.
  • Provide a code snippet, and if possible a description of what you are expecting to receive from a function

You can also ask questions on

Why Don't You Support Earlier Versions?

We are a very small team with very limited resources, and unfortunately can't afford to maintain the older versions in parallel with the current stable releases and the development track.

For the same reason, we decided to drop compatibility with old PHP versions as it was getting increasingly difficult to maintain it while adapting to the latest changes. This allows us to leverage new language features, make use of 3rd party libraries, and reduce maintenance effort at the same time.

We strongly recommend that you always run the latest stable release, which is the only one that is actively maintained; this includes bug fixes and compatibility updates for newer PHP versions.

Legacy version 5.21.0 was released in February 2021, and only receives security and critical bug fixes. If you are still running an older version, you should at the very least upgrade to that, and we actually strongly advise to apply the latest hotfix release (5.21.4).

Our Community

The ADOdb user base is large, with an average of 300 downloads a week. We have put together a short list of some current projects. See also the dependencies, i.e. the list of GitHub repositories require ADOdb in their composer.json file.

You are welcome to contribute to the project and help the Open Source community:


Follow us on @ADOdb_announce on Twitter. We post notices of new releases and important bug fixes first there.

Date Description
04/11/2023 ADOdb version 5.22.7 is available. Full Changelog
11/06/2023 ADOdb version 5.22.6 is available. Full Changelog
03/04/2023 ADOdb version 5.22.5 is available. Full Changelog
28/10/2022 ADOdb version 5.22.4 is available. Full Changelog
06/09/2022 ADOdb version 5.22.3 is available. Full Changelog
08/05/2022 ADOdb version 5.22.2 is available. Full Changelog
30/03/2022 ADOdb version 5.22.1 is available. Full Changelog
08/02/2022 ADOdb version 5.22.0 is available. Full Changelog
22/01/2022 ADOdb versions 5.20.21 and 5.21.4 are available. Full Changelog
31/10/2021 ADOdb version 5.21.3 is available. Full Changelog
22/08/2021 ADOdb version 5.21.2 is available. Full Changelog
15/08/2021 ADOdb version 5.21.1 is available. Full Changelog
27/02/2021 ADOdb version 5.21.0 is available. Full Changelog
02/02/2021 ADOdb version 5.21.0-rc.1 is available. Full Changelog
31/01/2021 ADOdb version 5.20.20 available. Full Changelog
20/12/2020 ADOdb version 5.21.0-beta.1 is available. Full Changelog
13/12/2020 ADOdb version 5.20.19 is available. Full Changelog
28/06/2020 ADOdb version 5.20.18 is available. Full Changelog
31/03/2020 ADOdb version 5.20.17 is available. Full Changelog
12/01/2020 ADOdb version 5.20.16 is available. Full Changelog
24/11/2019 ADOdb version 5.20.15 is available. Full Changelog
06/01/2019 ADOdb version 5.20.14 is available. Full Changelog
06/08/2018 ADOdb version 5.20.13 is available. Full Changelog
30/03/2018 ADOdb version 5.20.12 is available. Full Changelog
Note that 5.20.11 has been withdrawn due to a bug on PHP 5.x
08/03/2018 ADOdb version 5.20.10 is available. Full Changelog
21/12/2016 ADOdb version 5.20.9 is available. Full Changelog
17/12/2016 ADOdb version 5.20.8 is available. Full Changelog
20/09/2016 ADOdb version 5.20.7 is available. Full Changelog
31/08/2016 ADOdb version 5.20.6 is available. Full Changelog
10/08/2016 ADOdb version 5.20.5 is available. Full Changelog
09/04/2016 ADOdb version 5.20.4 is available. Full Changelog
01/01/2016 ADOdb version 5.20.3 is available. Full Changelog
27/12/2015 ADOdb version 5.20.2 is available. Full Changelog
06/12/2015 ADOdb version 5.20.1 is available. Full Changelog
28/11/2015 ADOdb version 5.20.0 is available. Full Changelog



2000-2013 © John Lim
2014 © Damien Regad, Mark Newnham & The ADOdb Community

ADODb is dual-licensed under the BSD and Lesser GPL license, with the BSD License having priority.



The ADOdb team would like to thank JetBrains for their valued support to the project, in the form of free PHPStorm IDE licences.

This is the earliest supported release - Security and critical bug fixes only
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