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Performance Monitoring


ADOdb contains a number of performance monitoring tools, such as query logging, hardware performance, and caching statistics. In order to use performance monitoring, the driver must be one of those specified below.

Supported Drivers

The following databases support performance monitoring


To add performance monitoring to the ADOdb system make a call to the newPerfMonitor method.

$db = newAdoConnection('db2');
 * Initialize the performance monitoring module
$perf = NewPerfMonitor($db);


User Interface

A simple user interface to the performance monitoring tools is provided through the UI() method.

Query Logging

logSql() Enables or disables the logging functionality
expensiveSql() Returns an analysis of expensive SQL statements from acquired data
suspiciousSql() Returns an analysis of suspicious SQL statements from acquired data
invalidSql() Returns an analysis of invalid SQL statements from acquired data
clearSql() Empties the SQL logging table

CPU and Other Performance Indicators

healthCheck() Executes a basic database health check and returns a HTML table
healthCheckCli Executes a basic database health check and reports to the console
cpuLoad() Returns information about CPU utilization
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