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Coding Standards

As the ADOdb project has moved from an owner-controlled project to a more distributed-development environment we have adopted the following coding standards for the ADOdb project, based on their existing widespread use.

Version Numbering

Release versions numbering now follows the standards defined at Semantic Versioning

Code Documentation

ADOdb Version 6 Code will be documented to guidelines defined at PHPDocumentor. If PHP-FIG PSR-5 is accepted, ADOdb documentation standards will likely encompass those as well.

Coding Standards

ADOdb Version 6 will be coded to the PHP Framework Interop Group PSR-2 standards.

Code style validation can be done using PHP_CodeSniffer


There are a number of tests available in the adodb/tests directory. Future releases will likely have a test suite built around PHPunit tests.


If you have your own tools built around the original documentation standards, we apologize for the inconvenience.

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