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Basic Tasks

Database Abstraction Using basic ADOdb commands to read data from and write back to the database

Data Dictionary Basics How to obtain information about database fields, columns and tables

Keys,Fields & Field Objects Understanding how to work with the most detailed level of data provided by ADOdb

Advanced Tasks

Transactions Understanding Transaction scope, and how to start, stop and roll back transactions

Parameter Binding Understanding variable binding, portability and bulk insertions

Multi Database Connections Controlling connections and transaction scoping in multiple databases simultaneously

Result Set Caching Caching queries to speed up re-use, via Disk or Memcached caching

Creating & Extending Drivers Adding new functionality and changing the behaviour of existing drivers

Additional Documentation

The Connection Matrix A guide to establishing connections across the supported databases

Include File Guide Include file requirements for the various features

Writing Portable SQL Limiting SQL statements to ensure cross database portability

Moving from MySQL to ADOdb How to migrate database specific applications to ADOdb

Customizing Error Handling Trapping and redirecting database errors using exceptions

Stored Procedure Example How to use stored procedures in the supported databases

Feature Comparison Matrix Supported database feature

Deprecated Functionality Unsupported features

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