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ADOdb Version 6 Development

ADOdb Version 6
Lowest PHP Version support 5.6
Highest PHP Version support 7


ADOdb Version 6 is currently a development-only release. Any new features will be added to this release, which will also be used to implement commonly used PHP development standards. The following list identifies some of the issues to be addressed

  • Removal of obsolete and unsupported drivers
  • Updating of documentation
  • Bug fixes in core methods and drivers.
  • Reviewing of complex coding to identify possible performance enhancements
  • Standardization of code to our selected standards
  • Ensuring full support for PHP version 7.0
  • Implementation of requested new features
  • Restructuring of code to provide autoloading and namespaces

Development Release

There are currently no development releases available for ADOdb Version 6

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