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ADOdb Version 5 Development

ADOdb Version 5
Lowest PHP Version support4*
Highest PHP Version support (V5.20)7
Highest PHP Version support (V5.21)7

* limited functionality in PHP 4 In Version 5.20, Not supported in Version 5.21


ADOdb Version 5 is a long term support product with defined limits to its compatibility. This release is recommended for production use. Any new features will be added to ADOdb Version 6. Any feature improvements to ADOdb Version 5 are limited to the following areas:

  • Stabilizing existing drivers, including adding support for existing methods to incomplete drivers
  • Bug fixes in core methods
  • Ensuring full support for PHP up to version 7

Version 5.21 will be the last release of ADOdb Version 5 in it's current design and structure.

Development Release

Development releases can be downloaded from the Github Releases page.
Ongoing development can be downloaded from the Project main page.

Historical Change Logs

Over the years, there have been numerous contributors to the project. Prior change logs are hosted at Github

Historical User Forums

Historical support information is no longer available as it has been removed by the prior project owner. All available support activity is now at Github

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