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This documentation was initially pulled together from all of the original HTML documentation written by John Lim. In addition, much of the function reference was developed by opening up the functions themselves and comparing the argument list to the known usage. The main areas where you can help are:

  • Identifying errors in the documentation and alerting us. We have broken the original documentation down into more than 200 pages on this site - of course there are mistakes.
  • If you are a user of a less well known database, let us know the status of the driver and provide us with validated connection strings, as well as checking the Feature Comparison.
  • If you use add-on products like Active Record, the Date/Time library, Session management or AXMLS, check the documentation. These are products that the current contributors do not use, and as such have little expertise in.
  • If you enjoy writing documentation, you can contribute to the documentation project without being part of the development community.
  • Design a new logo for the project. All you get is a credit in the documentation

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