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  mixed fetchField() {
      optional integer $fieldNumber


fetchField() returns database specific information about nth column in a row of a recordset. Column offsets start at zero. If no field number is provided, the first column is returned.

If the recordset is available and the offset provided is in range, then an ADOFieldObject object is returned, otherwise the method returns false.

It is important to note that the information contained in the object returned varies from database to database. There is a common set of fields returned, but the values vary from database to database for the same data type. Check the guide for each driver to see any extra information provided.


 * Using IBM DB2 driver
$SQL = "SELECT * FROM act";
$f = $conn->Execute($SQL);
 * Offset 1
$fld = $f->FetchField(1);
 * Returns the following information
 *ADOFieldObject Object
    [name] => ACTKWD
    [max_length] => 6
    [type] => string

Explanation Of Common Fields

There are 3 common columns provided

Name Description Note
NAME The column name Casing of the column name is controlled by the ADODB_ASSOC_CASE constant.
MAX_LENGTH The length of the field. For CHAR type variables, this can represent the maximum character length, but for others, it can represent the number of bytes
TYPE This is the database specific field type. If you are writing cross-database applications, do not rely on this value. Instead, send the value to the metaType() method, to obtain a cross-platform identifier
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