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ADOdb provides an internal debugging system that exposes the executed SQL commands, as well as other messages that can help when troubleshooting errors when, for example, trying to establish a connection to the database or an SQL statement fails.

The earliest that debugging can be started is after instantiating the driver but before connection.


Please refer to Debug Mode for details on usage.

Overriding The Default Logging Function

The default logging behavior is to send all messages to STDOUT, but the behavior may be modified by either:

  1. Defining a constant ADODB_OUTP which holds the name of the function that overrides the standard value
  2. A variable $ADODB_OUTP which is globalized and achieves the same as above. This function can be dynamically changed.

Function Definition

The overriding function must accept 2 arguments:

  1. A String which contains the message
  2. A boolean which indicates whether to throw a newline. This may be discarded based on how the function works

Example Function

DEFINE ('ADODB_OUTP','myLogger');
function myLogger($msg,$discard)
    print "\nThis is my messsage: $msg";
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