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string[] version()


The function returns the ADOdb version number.


This global variable should be considered as a constant. It contains the ADOdb version and release date in the following format:

vX.Y.Z[-suffix] {date|Unreleased}

The version number (X = major, Y = minor, Z = hotfix components, separated by dots .) is prefixed with a v, and has an optional suffix separated with a dash - indicating a pre-release version (e.g. -beta.1). The release date in yyyy-mm-dd format is tagged at the end after 2 spaces.

While under development, a release will have the -dev suffix, and the date will be replaced by the Unreleased string, e.g. v5.23.0-dev Unreleased.

The version() function extracts the version number from $ADODB_vers.


Static usage

if (version_compare(ADOConnection::version(), '5.22.0', '>=') {
    // latest version specific code
} else {
    // backwards compatible code
echo $ADODB_vers;
// v5.22.5  2023-04-03

With an active connection object

echo $db->version();
// 5.22.5
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