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Public Properties Of The Connection

The Connection Object exposes numerous properties that can be used inside SQL statements to create portable statements. For example, to create a portable SQL statement that will return a column in uppercase no matter which database is in use, use the $db→upperCase property.

String Handling

Property Description
$substr Returns the substring operator. Also available as a method substr()
$length Returns a length operator
$random Returns the random number function
$upperCase The uppercase function
$maxblobsize The maximum size of data that can be inserted into a blob field. Some drivers return -1 as the value, effectively limitless size

Date & Time

Property Description
$sysDate Returns the current local date in Y-m-d format
$sysTimeStamp Returns the current local date/time in Y-m-d H:i:s format
$sysUTimeStamp Returns the current timestamp accurate to the microsecond or nearest fraction

Database Specific Properties

Some drivers expose database-specific properties. See the driver documentation for more information.

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