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Load Balancer Reference Manual


adodbLoadBalancer The parent class for Load Balancer
adodbLoadBalancerConnection Associates an ADOdb connection with the Load Balancer


adodbLoadBalancer::$enable_sticky_sessions Defines whether commands executed in the current session should be pinned to a specific connection


adodbLoadBalancer::setSessionInitSql Defines an SQL statement that will always be initialized whenever a load balancer connection is established
adodbLoadBalancer::addConnection() Adds a new connection to the list of available servers
adodbLoadBalancer::removeConnection() Removes a connection from the list of available servers
adodbLoadBalancer::getLoadBalancedConnection Returns the id of an appropriate connection for a requested type
adodbLoadBalancer::getConnection Returns the ADODB connection object by database type and ensures that it is connected and the session variables are executed
adodbLoadBalancer::setSessionVariable Allow setting session variables that are maintained across connections
adodbLoadBalancer::clusterExecute() Executes the same SQL QUERY on the entire cluster of connections
adodbLoadBalancer::isReadOnlyQuery() Determines if a SQL query is read-only or not
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