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void ADODB_Active_Record::tableKeyHasMany(
  string $parentTable, 
  string $parentTablePrimaryKey, 
  string $childTable,
  optional string $foreignKey = ' ', 
  optional string $foreignClass = 'ADODB_Active_Record'


For some classes, the mapping between class name and table name (which is the pluralised version) might not match or the primary key is not the default id. For example, the class name might be person, but the table name might be people



The parent table in the relationship


The key field for the parent table


The child table in the relationship


If, due to database design constraints, the key field in the child table is not named the same as that of the parent table, specify it here.


If the class name for the child table differs from that of the parent, for example there has been some extension of methods, specify it here


ADODB_Active_Record::TableKeyHasMany('people', 'pid', 'children', 'person_id');
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