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Changes To ADORecordset_array


The ADORecordset_array class is described as a ``lightweight`` class used in multiple situations

  • Where a query is executed with ADODB_COUNTRECS disabled, or unavailable.
  • Where the query is retrieved from a cached recordset.

Order Of Instantiation

  1. A Connection to the database is held in an ADOConnection object
  2. A Query is issued and depending on the type of query, the result is held either:
    1. ADORecordset_<driver> if the query is a select and returns 1 or more records
    2. ADOrecordset_empty if the query is not a select
    3. ADOrecordset_array_<driver> if the resultset is returned from the cache or no recordcount can be obtained.


The ADOrecordset_<driver> class is the repository of all of the driver specific recordset methods, for example ``metaColumns()''. If the query response is held in an object other than this, these methods are unavailable to the class. This is because the ADORecordset_array_<driver> class extenss ADORecordset_array, rather than ADORecordset_driver.

When the class is invoked, it replaces the driver recordset completely. This means that any class methods in the class are destroyed. The class extension path is from ADOrecordset_array to the driver specific class. The driver

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