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The behavior of field name quoting will change in ADOdb Version 6

This global variable controls quoting and casing of field names when the autoExecute() method is used. The default behavior of autoExecute is to quote field names, and convert them to upper case.

The following behaviors are available:

falseNo quoting is doneSELECT field_name FROM table
trueQuoting is done1), no case handling of the field nameSELECT `field_name` FROM table
BRACKETSFields are wrapped in brackets2), no case handling of the field nameSELECT [field_name] FROM table
UPPERQuoting is done, field name is upper cased (default)SELECT `FIELD_NAME` FROM table
LOWERQuoting is done, field name is lower cased SELECT `field_name` FROM table
NATIVEQuoting is done, field name is as defined in the databaseSELECT `Field_Name` FROM table

While the intended behavior when using true or false is to not do any case conversion of the field names, in 5.21 they are actually converted to upper case.

This is a known issue, caused by a design problem with this setting which mixes case conversion and quoting. It will be fixed in a future release.


The quoting character is driver-specific and defaults to
The brackets type is driver-specific, square brackets [] are used by default,
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