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Unsupported Drivers

The following drivers may be found in some releases of ADOdb, but they are no longer supported. Most connections end-of-life because the databases become obsolete or there are no drivers available

Driver Reason
ADO Obsolete
Frontbase No PHP drivers since V4
IBM Informix Use PDO Informix driver instead
mysqlt Superseded by mysqli
Netezza Database End-Of-Life 2019
ODBTP Obsolete
Plain Text Incompatible with later versions of PHP
Proxy Deprecated for security reasons, as of ADOdb 5.21.0
SAP ADS Database End-Of-Life / No PHP 7 Drivers
SAP ASE Database End-Of-Life / No PHP 7 Drivers
SAP MaxDB Database End-Of-Life / No PHP 7 Drivers
SAP SQL Anywhere Dormant / No Active Users
Visual FoxPro Obsolete

Occasionally renewed interest in a database may result in a driver being reactivated

Please refer to Supported Databases for the list of active drivers.

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