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obj fetchObj(
    optional bool $upperCaseKeys=false


The function fetchObj() returns the current row of a recordset as an ADOFetchObj object or false if past end-of-file and advances the pointer of the result. If the end-of-file is reached, the EOF attribute is set.

Unlike the fetchNextObj method, the record pointer is not advanced. It is recommended that the 2 methods are not mixed in the same procedure.

Results are influenced both by the ADODB_ASSOC_CASE constant and $ADODB_FETCH_MODE attribute.

The ADOFetchObj object has no special functionality, but the method is useful when the recordset data needs to be converted into e.g. JSON


 * Database connection assumed
$SQL = "SELECT * FROM Employees"
$result = $db->execute($SQL);
$r = $result->fetchObj()
 * returns
ADOFetchObj Object
    [emp_no] => 10001
    [birth_date] => 1953-09-02
    [first_name] => Georgi
    [last_name] => Facello
    [gender] => M
    [hire_date] => 1986-06-26
print $r->first_name;
* prints 'Georgi';
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