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The Connection Matrix

 bool connect(
       optional string $parameter1 = '',
       optional string $parameter2 = '',
       optional string $parameter3 = '',
       optional string $parameter4 = '',
       optional bool $forceNewConnection=false


The essential function connect() establishes a connection to a database using the provided parameters.

Since ADOdb 5.21,0, some database drivers support the use of setConnectionParameter(), which should be called before connect() to pass extra, database-specific parameters to the connect statement.

The traditional description of the connection parameters is as follows:

Parameter 1 Parameter 2 Parameter 3 Parameter 4
$hostName $userId $password $database

However the actual values of the parameters for some databases are such that the actual requirements can be confusing. See the Connection Matrix for assistance.

If the connection is made, $db becomes a database connection object that can be used until the script ends.

Return value

The method returns true if the connection was successfully established, false otherwise. This should be checked before continuing with code execution.

To debug the connection, set the value $db→debug = true; before calling the $db→connect statement


 *  Example using MySQL 
include '';
 * This is not a class below
$db = newADOConnection('mysqli');
 * Make a connection to a database on the local machine
$db->connect('', 'user', 'password', 'employees');
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