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string getMenu2(
    optional string $selectName='',
    optional mixed $defaultValue=false,
    optional bool $blankFirstItem=true,
    optional bool $multiple=fale,
    optional int $numberOfRows=0,
    optional string $optionalAttributes='',


The function getMenu2() Generates an HTML SELECT tag string from a recordset, and return the string. If the recordset has 2 cols, the 1st column is compared with the FIRST column.



name of SELECT tag


The value to highlight. Use an array for multiple highlight for listbox.


true to leave the 1st item in list empty


Set true to create a multi-select box


Number of rows to show for multi-select box


Additional attributes to defined for SELECT tag, useful for holding javascript onChange='…' handlers.


When we have 2 cols in recordset, we compare the defstr with column 0 (1st col) if this is true.


* Connect to DB2 Sample Database
$SQL = "SELECT actdesc,actno FROM act ORDER BY actno
$result = $db->execute($SQL);
$html = $result->getMenu2('mySelect','30');
print $html
<select name="mySelect" >
<option value='10'>MANAGE/ADVISE</option>
<option value='20'>ESTIMATE COST</option>
<option value='30' selected>DEFINE SPECS</option>
<option value='40'>LEAD PROGRAM/DESIGN</option>
<option value='50'>WRITE SPECS</option>
<option value='60'>DESCRIBE LOGIC</option>
<option value='70'>CODE PROGRAMS</option>
<option value='80'>TEST PROGRAMS</option>
<option value='90'>ADM QUERY SYSTEM</option>
<option value='100'>TEACH CLASSES</option>
<option value='110'>DEVELOP COURSES</option>
<option value='120'>PERS AND STAFFING</option>
<option value='130'>OPER COMPUTER SYS</option>
<option value='140'>MAINT SOFTWARE SYS</option>
<option value='150'>ADM OPERATING SYS</option>
<option value='160'>ADM DATA BASES</option>
<option value='170'>ADM DATA COMM</option>
<option value='180'>DOCUMENT</option>
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