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From Version 5.21.0-beta-2

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Structured Schema Management
Index Object Creation

obj addIndexItemObject(
    string $indexName,
    string $columnName,
    optional string $platform=''

The method addIndexItemObject() is part of the Structured Schema Management suite, and adds an index item to the current Index object.



The index name must be the name of a previously defined index object.


The column name must be the name of a previously defined column object.


The platform parameter can be any parameter recognized by the Platform keyword. If provided, the column would not be added to any platform that did not match the value provided.


In the following example, a table employees is to be created. The table has 2 columns, COL1 and COL2 and an index COL1-IDX will be created, holding COL1 and COL2.

$t = new metaObjectStructure($dict,'employees');
$i = $t->addIndexObject('COL1-IDX');
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