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-====== Informix ======+====== IBM Informix ====== 
 +<WRAP info> 
 +A new driver based on the common IBM PDO driver is planned. This driver will be included at a later date. 
 ~~NOTOC~~ ~~NOTOC~~
-===== Description ===== +===== informix ===== 
-The original informix driver supports connections up to to Informix databases up to version 7, and is effectively obsolete. This driver will be removed in ADOdb version 6.0+<WRAP right box round 300px> 
 +== Specification == 
 +^Driver Name|informix
 +^Data Provider|informix| 
 +^Status|Obsolete((This driver is obsolete and will be removed in ADOdb V6))| 
 +^ADOdb V5|Yes| 
 +^ADOdb V6|No|
-A new driver, based on the common IBM PDO driver is planned. This driver will be included at a later date.+</WRAP> 
 +==== Description ==== 
 +The original informix driver supports connections up to Informix databases up to version 7and is effectively obsolete. This driver will be removed in ADOdb version 6.0
-==== Support Status ===== +--------------------------------------- 
- +===== informix72 ===== 
-This driver is obsolete +<WRAP right box round 300px> 
- +== Specification == 
-===== Specification ====== +^Driver Name|informix72
-|Driver Name|informix+^Data Provider|informix72| 
-|Status|Obsolete| +^Status|Obsolete((This driver is obsolete and will be removed in ADOdb V6))
-|Supported OS|Windows,Unix|+^Windows|Yes| 
 +^ADOdb V5|Yes| 
 +^ADOdb V6|No|
 +==== Description ====
 +The original informix driver supports connections to Version 7 Informix databases, and is effectively obsolete. This driver will be removed in ADOdb version 6.0
 ===== Driver Specific Options ===== ===== Driver Specific Options =====
 None None
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