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Include File Guide


This page describes the required and optional include files for use in applications. Other helpful notes are:

  • There is currently no support for autoloading.
  • There is currently no support for namespacing

Core application

The following include file is required for all database applications:

require 'adodb-directory/';

prior to inclusion of the file, the following constant may optionally be defined:


Any driver and library files automatically include, based on driver and requirements. However, if you are modifying ADOdb file and are having difficulties debugging, your optional core includes can look like this:

require 'adodb-directory/';
require 'adodb-directory/';
require 'adodb-directory/drivers/adodb-{driver}.inc.php';

Date/Time Library

The ADOdb Date/Time Library is standalone and does not require a database connection.

require 'adodb-directory/';

Session Management Library

The ADOdb Session Library should be included after the database handler. Make sure to use the, not

require 'adodb-directory/';
require 'adodb-directory/session/';
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