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ADOdb is a fast, easy to use, popular database abstraction layer for PHP. It allows the same code to be used when accessing a wide range of databases. It has been actively maintained since 2000 by the project's founder and numerous community contributors. ADOdb contains components for querying and updating databases, as well as an Object Orientated Active Record library, schema management and performance monitoring. It also contains the following standalone extensions:

  • A Date/Time library to handle dates outside of the normal PHP limits.
  • A Session Management library that extends the normal PHP functionality to allow storing of session management data in a database, or in encrypted values

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How To Ask For Help

You can post an issue in the Github issue tracker.

To help with quick resolution:

  • Try running the code with Debug Mode enabled
  • Give the version of ADOdb you are using. Please check the top of this page for the earliest release that is supported by the community.
  • Give the version of PHP you are using, the operating system, the driver and the database version.
  • Provide a code snippet, and if possible a description of what you are expecting to receive from a function

You can also ask questions on

2000-2013 © John Lim
2014- © Damien Regad, Mark Newnham & The ADOdb Community

ADODb is dual-licensed under the BSD and Lesser GPL license, with the BSD License having priority

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