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mixed adoNewConnection(
    optional string $driverType=''


The function adoNewConnection, in the simple form, loads the database driver specific files as specified by the string $driverType. The driver name must match the name of a file adodb-$driverType-inc.php in the adodb/drivers directory. As there is no 'master list' of drivers, the driver can be named anything, it's existence in this directory is the only way of checking it's validity. This simplicity makes it easy to create a new driver.

Passing a connection DSN

In addition to the simple form, a DSN connection string can be passed to any database that supports that connection type. The $driverType string must be in the following format:

"valid driver name" + "://" + "standard DSN string"

If the DSN string parses correctly, an attempt is made to automatically connect to the database. If the connection succeeds, then there is no need to issue a connect() statement.


Simple Usage

include '';
 * Simple connection
$driver = 'mysqli';
$db     = adoNewConnection($driver);
 * Now connect to the database

DSN Usage

include '';
 * Set DSN
$driver = 'mysqli';
$DSN    = "user:password@localhost/employees";
$db     = adoNewConnection($driver + '://' + $DSN);
 * Now connected

Additional Parameters To DSN connection

The following additional parameter can be added to the DSN connection string. Some of the parameters only work with specific drivers.

Code Value Parameter Description
new true nConnect() Forces a new connection
persist true pConnect() Creates a persistent connection
persistent true pConnect() Creates a persistent connection
debug true debug Enables debug mode
role string When using the ibase driver, allows setting a role
dialect integer Undocumented option
charset string setCharSet() Sets a character set
buffers string Undocumented option
fetchmode int setFetchMode() Sets the fetch mode
charpage string Undocumented option
clientflags string Undocumented option
port int Sets the connection port
socket int Sets the connection socket
nls_date_format string Set date format
cachesecs int Sets the number of cache seconds
memcache string Undocumented series of options

Error Codes

Note that, because no connection object is available, the codes cannot be retrieved via errorMsg()

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