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ADOdb Proxy Server


The ADOdb Proxy server provides a simple method of extending a database connection to provide a simple REST server via http. It provides a limited number of ADOdb commands that can be executed across an http channel against any supported database.

Server Side Usage

  • The machine that acts as a database server must have a PHP configuration installed that allows it to serve PHP connections to the necessary database.
  • The http server must have a CGI configuration defined that allows it to serve PHP requests.
  • A single program is provided that acts as a server side dispatcher, server.php. Up to ADOdb version 5.21, this program cannot be moved from the /adodb directory. This program must be modified in-situ to provide the database connection necessary.

Modify the server.php as required to provide a database connection

 * Define the IP address you want to accept requests from
 * as a security measure. If blank we accept anyone
 * Connection parameters
$driver = 'mysqli';
$host = 'localhost';
$uid = 'proxy';
$pwd = 'proxy';
$database = 'employees';

Client Side Usage

Configuration of the client side differs only slightly from the normal ADOdb configuration.

include '../adodb-master/';
* We must manually include the driver that is used on the server side. This is
* so that database specific objects can be correctly interpreted on the client
* side
include '../adodb-master/drivers/';
$db = ADOnewConnection('proxy');
* Connection honors $ADODB_FETCH_MODE, but not $db->setFetchMode();
* define a connection directly to the server program
$url = '';
* Create a connection
* Create an SQL command
$SQL = "SELECT * FROM employees";
* Execute and treat exactly the same as a normal ADOdb result set
$result = $db->selectLimit($sql,1,10);
while ($r = $result->fetchRow())


  • Access currently limited to http protocol
  • No access to meta functions
  • No rollback control
  • No parameter binding allowed
  • server.php must be modified in-situ
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