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PHP Compatibility Status


PHP 7 is fully supported in the latest ADOdb Stable Release (5.20.12 or later), as well as in the 5.21 Development release (master branch).

Versions 7.0 to 7.3

All the reported issues have been fixed.

Version 7.4

Fully Supported drivers appear to work correctly in this version, although there has been no formal testing.

Legacy ADOdb Versions Support

Please note that there are no plans to implement PHP 7 support in ADOdb legacy versions (5.19 and older).

Reporting Issues

Should you discover any PHP compatibility issue in ADOdb, kindly report the issue in our tracker.

Addressing Issues

Any PHP 7 compatibility issues found are released as Hotfixes to the current stable release, so please make sure you are using the most recent version.

Hotfix releases are drop-in replacements to earlier versions of the same release number. You can check the current status of PHP 7 issues on the Github Issue Tracker.

Upgrading From Earlier Releases

Users have reported that upgrading from releases 5.00 (released in 2007) and higher have been reasonably easy, but that earlier versions may require substantial adjustments, due to design considerations in ADOdb version 4. If you need guidance, use any of the support methods listed on the main page.

Moving From Custom Releases

In order to migrate their products from custom older versions of ADOdb back to the core product and take advantage of the active development of the product, as well as PHP 7 compatibility, a number of users have submitted their custom functionality to be integrated into core. If you are in the same situation, contact us about having your feature added.

Package Testing Status

Heavy use drivers are the tier 1 drivers, plus their PDO variants:

Core database MethodsTesting complete on heavy use drivers, others are as reported
Data DictionaryTesting complete on heavy use drivers, others are as reported
AXMLSTesting in progress on heavy use drivers
Date/Time LibraryNot Yet Tested
Performance MonitoringTesting complete on supported drivers, IBM DB2 currently not supported
ADOdb Active RecordTesting complete on heavy use drivers, others are as reported
Session ManagementTesting complete, PDO now supported
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