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From Version 5.21.0-beta-2

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Structured Schema Management

obj addIndexObject(
    string $indexName,
    optional string $platform=''

The method addIndexObject() is part of the Structured Schema Management suite, and adds an index to the current table object. The index object is a container for Index Item objects, which are the columns themselves.



The name of the index to be created. The name must conform to any pre-defined rules for the database to be used


The platform parameter can be any parameter recognized by the Platform keyword.


In the following example, a table employees is to be created. The table has 2 columns, COL1 and COL2 and an index COL1-IDX will be created, holding COL1.

$t = new metaObjectStructure($dict,'employees');
$i = $t->addIndexObject('COL1-IDX');
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