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-====== CSV File ======+====== Proxy ====== 
 +<WRAP right box round 300px> 
 +== See Also == 
 +[[v5:proxy:proxy_index|ADOdb Proxy Server]]\\ 
 +== Specification == 
 +^Driver Name|proxy| 
 +^Alternate Name|csv| 
 +^Data Provider|proxy| 
 +^Status|Deprecated((This driver will be removed in a future version of ADOdb))| 
 +^ADOdb V5|Yes| 
 +^ADOdb V6|Yes| 
 +<WRAP important> 
 +This functionality is deprecated as of ADOdb 5.21.0 and will be removed in a later release, unless the community contributes with necessary security enhancements, [[|as discussed on Github]]. 
 ===== Description ===== ===== Description =====
-The ''csv'' driver allows a CSV file to be read across an http connection and treated like a database table.  +The ''proxy'' driver is the client-side driver used by the  [[v5:proxy:proxy_index|ADOdb Proxy Server]]Prior to ADOdb version 5.21, the ''csv'' and ''proxy'' drivers could be used interchangeably, but since 5.21enhancements and fixes are only applied to the ''proxy'' driver, and only that one should be used
-  * The only parameter passed in the connect statement is the url of the file +-------------------------------------------------- 
-  * https connections are currently not supported. +===== Usage ===== 
-  * In order to write back data, the file/directory must be writable by the Identity that the web server runs asThis may be a problem in IIScreating an AppPool specifically for the process may provide a possible solution+<code php> 
-  * Some methods are not supported +$db = newAdoConnection('proxy'); 
- +$db->connect(''); 
 +{{tag>proxy deprecated}}
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