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 ^Driver Name|firebird| ^Driver Name|firebird|
 ^Data Provider|ibase| ^Data Provider|ibase|
-^Status|Inactive((This driver is not actively supported ​or enhanced ​by ADOdb project ​members, but you can provide fixes and enhancements if you have the expertise))|+^Status|Active((This driver is actively supported by ADOdb community ​members))|
 ^Windows|Yes| ^Windows|Yes|
 ^Unix|Yes| ^Unix|Yes|
Line 29: Line 29:
 ^ADOdb V6|Yes| ^ADOdb V6|Yes|
 </​WRAP>​ </​WRAP>​
-This driver extends the [[v5:​database:​firebird#​ibase|interbase]] driver. ​Its compatibilty with current versions ​of the database is not known+This driver extends the [[v5:​database:​firebird#​ibase|interbase]] driver. ​It is currently under redevelopment by an ADOdb community contributor. For more information on this, see the Issue Tracker on [[https://​​ADOdb/​ADOdb/​issues/​201|Github]] 
 +=== PDO Driver === 
 +In order to avoid the problems explained above, Use of the [[PDO driver for Firebird|v5:​database:​pdo#​firebird]] ​is recommendedThe PDO driver supports
-{{tag>​[firebird ​dormant]}}+ 
 +  * Firebird 3 
 +  * Dialog version 3 
 +  * PHP 7 
 +{{tag>​[firebird ​active]}}
 ---------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------
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