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CSV File

The syntax required and necessary file formats have not yet been identified from the legacy documentation. Can you help?

Driver Namecsv
Alternate Nameproxy
Data Providercsv
ADOdb V5Yes
ADOdb V6Yes


The csv driver allows a CSV file to be read across an http connection and treated like a database table.

  • The only parameter passed in the connect statement is the url of the file
  • https connections are currently not supported.
  • In order to write back data, the file/directory must be writable by the Identity that the web server runs as. This may be a problem in IIS, creating an AppPool specifically for the process may provide a possible solution.
  • Some methods are not supported


$db = newAdoConnection('csv');
1) This driver is not actively supported or enhanced by ADOdb project members, but you can provide fixes and enhancements if you have the expertise
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